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La Monteduccia is also the ideal place to arrange dream like weddings. Its style and spaces give many opportunities to create a unique event.

 If the newlyweds want, we can also offer a planning service with a high-level staff in order to make every wedding at La Monteduccia an unforgettable event.


The silence and peace that linger in the air, make La Monteduccia the ideal place to also arrange meeting, courses and business events.

 Its indoor rooms allow to easily host up to 50 people and the vast outdoor spaces are perfect for well being and health related courses.


The Marche is always been a region full of culinary traditions and many traditional local products.

The refined wine, dairy products, cured meats and fishery products are what make the marchigian culinary culture unique.

 La Monteduccia work together with the best Chefs and catering of the territory to also offer this service to who requires it.

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