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The first one of the two outbuilding was built were once was the shed (in the marchigian dialect bicocca is used to refer to a shed) that worked as a storage and place for the aging of the cured meats.

 Provided with a wide window that overlooks the beautiful view of Ostra Vetere, La Bicocca has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living room and the kitchen with the handmade terracotta floor.


The second outbuilding used to be the space for silkworm breeding, from which derives the name “bigattiera”.

The entrance opens on the large living room with a beautiful fireplace that hides in a unique way the kitchen. The two bedrooms and two bathrooms complete the framework.

The view in front of La Bigattiera is really suggestive: behind the soft marchigian hills, you can also see Monte Conero.

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