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  “I arrived at “La Monteduccia” and it was love at first sight. The soft and warm colours of the Villa were in perfect harmony with the ones of the surrounding olive trees and landscape.

The garden with the external pool, create a peaceful atmosphere, quiet and relaxing. The ancient family chapel… was an unexpected “gem”.

 Eugenia and Fabio wisely renovated the farmhouse, enriching it with furniture studied in every detail; but what really makes the difference is their art of “knowing how to greet”.

Their way of presenting themselves, of always be in a receptive attitude, of carefully listening, the unique and special way of theirs that makes you feel cuddled and free to “enjoy the experience” in your own way of the place at the same time.

The good food, the time spent with my friends swimming in the pool and going for a walk among olive trees, made this weekend unforgettable.

                                                                                                                                Cristina T.


Located in a strategic position in the middle of the soft marchigian hills, La Monteduccia stands between Senigallia beaches and the beautiful Sibillini mountains in the hinterland.

Starting from here is easy to reach the most amazing and interesting places of the region, like for example the village of Arcevia with its castles, the Castello di Gradara, the theatre of the famous Dantean love story of Paolo and Francesca, or also Urbino, the hometown of Raffaello Sanzio.

Not to be missed are the Grotte di Frasassi, the greatest caverns of Europe.

For those who love the sea, the beaches of Rivera del Conero with its crystal-clear water, have always been an unmissable and fascinating stop.

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